Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Quality versus usability

When we receive a request for translation from a client, one of the first questions we do tends to be what will be the function of the translated text, since knowing this we can decide the optimal way in terms of cost and time of production.
In some cases the most important thing is that translation is as faithful to the original as possible, as it happens with documents that must be submitted in a legal process, manuals of instructions, corporate materials, etc. When quality is the priority, then follow the full procedure for the project, or the steps of translation, editing, proofreading and final review, as well as also the steps of preparation and/or conversion of files, the per-editing, and final adjustments of layout and formatting (DTP). Especially if it is a project that requires a legal certification. All this, of course, takes time and costs money, but guarantees the maximum quality.

But in other cases where there is long or the budget is tight, what is requested is that the translation is for practical purposes and merely to understand the content, for which steps can be simplified to follow and get well to one result more fast and affordable. For example, you can override the passed translation machine translation (or MT) for its acronym in English post-editing, can dispense with the proofreading and DTP steps can also annotate a little .
To see it in another way, when you're on vacation you can choose between a meal at an elegant and expensive restaurant where there is attention to each one of the gastronomic details, or you can simply buy a sandwich to eat on the road because there is little time for vies ITAR all desired places and also with the right money for each tour.
This we call quality or usability, it has to do with the circumstances, needs and preferences required for a translation project. Of course the ideal is to have the highest quality at the lowest price and time, but many times a midpoint between one thing and the other serves exactly equal for practical purposes. It is why at Trusted Translations we strive for in the best possible way the context of each project to be able to offer different alternatives and give the opportunity to choose that option is ideal for each case.